Audrey Kitching: 50 Facts About Me Asked By You /PART I.

8. ledna 2010 v 14:00 | Dollieee™ |  Facts

An interview by you. A few weeks ago you guys askd me over 300 questions. This is part one...part two coming soon.

1. Where do u get those short little gloves that you where? Im actually going to be selling the ones I wear in my new webstore going up in January, mine are shiped from over seas.

2. Most underrated shops: New York, LA, and Philly? NY-Patricia Fields/ Girl Props LA-Popkiller/SLOW Philly-Retrospect

3. You probably think this is dumb, but how do you get your hair so volumized and still look so tidy? The secret of extensions.. :)

4. How did you make it to where you are today? A lot of hard work, you guys and undying passion for what I do

5. When did you first dyed your hair? I think in 5th grade i discovered " SUN IN" worst idea ever... 90s bleach in a sun bottle. Orange fried hair never looked so good.

6. what products do you use to keep your hair looking so healthy? :) I like Aveda and this green tea leave in oil from Japan

7. why are you not living stable in Philly? why did you choose L.A.? For what I am doing Los Angeles and New York are where I need to Live. Los Angeles is not forever...I plan to move over seas and to New York at some point.

8. I look at pictures and have seen how your style has evolved over the past few years, but how did it start? Well I use to wear purple leopard crushed velvet jumpsuits at the age of 13...i guess its just who I am

9. where are the most places you shop for clothes? Vintage stores, online and DIY

10. Whats your favorite band? I don't have one, I am a soundtrack song person.

11. advice on how to make it through high school? Keep telling yourself none of those people matter, they will all be knocked up with babies working at the local store in 5 years...atleast thats how it went for me. Everyone who picked on me lives that life now..quite sad for them.

12. Have your parents ever been bothered by you dying your hair? I was kicked out of my house at 17 for dyed hair and piercings

13. What is your favorite piece of clothing you currently own? wow ...maybe this white shag jacket from the 70s

14. Do you have a modeling agent? No, I was with an agency for about 5 min...they had no idea what to do with me so I quit.

15. what is your advice for alternative models that are trying to make it in the the mid west, or anywhere for the fact? Do it because you love it..not because it is trendy, and be yourself. I don't consider myself a model, i just love coming up with ideas and turing them into reality. Its like story telling without words.

16. Were you popular in high school? Everyone knew me if thats what you mean... I wouldn't say it was a good thing.

17. Do you get really pissed off when people talk shit about your style? nah they don't know the first thing about fashion.

18. do you preffer winter or summer? I like spring and fall... but summer over winter. The cold is not inspiring

19. do you like japanese street style? I love it, I need to go to Japan soon...maybe this year

20. How did you get discovered? I was never discovered

21. Is your hair 100% real or is it mostly full of extentions? As real as Dolly Parton

22. Why did you get expelled from high school? Teenage Angst

23. How tall are you? 5'4

24. Have you gotten the swine flu shot, if not are you going to? I would not put that in my body if it was the last thing on this earth.

25. All I really wanna know is how you got your modeling career started. I really want to model, it is my dream so this would help! To be honest I am not really a model. I do it because I love it. If you have passion for something and work will happen.

26. What do you eat with your strict diet? I cook alot of my meals. Pho, mexican, mediterranean, ...lots of beans, fruit, veggies, and rice.

27. Do you ever wish you could back to home and leave the lifestyle you are currently living? Sometimes but im a workaholic... i would get bored and feel worthless if I was not creating something. If i left everytihing I would just travel.

28. Your style has really changed over the years, like when you did trashy life, and now it's like girly and vintage like, what made it change? Growing up... i did that over 5 years ago. If we all stayed the same life would be a very boring place.

29. Do you have a boyfriend? Yes I have for a long time ...year and a half?

30. What music were you into in high school? Really bad music

31. What color was your prom dress? Never went to prom, never had a year book, never had a graduation... I went to a night school with adults to get my diploma

32. when did you start designing your own clothes? A far back as I could remember... my mom would make them for me when I was little.

33. whch is your must read magazine? V or I-D

34. What about aspiring photographers? Any advice for them? Learn lighting!!

35. What tip would you give to a 13 year old that doesnt want to be stupid. Be yourself don't follow trends

36. if you had two children a boy and a girl..what would there names be? Astrid and Oliver

37. what inspired you to dye your hair pink? I wanted pink hair since I was 16...I use to read this girls blog and she had amazing pink hair. I think she got pregnant or something and i stopped reading haha... I always loved pink hair but I was a tom boy and thought it was too girly.

38. What do you do on your spare time. Like a random day with nothing really to do. Yoga, Hiking, movies, thrift shopping, go out for a bite to eat, tea house, magazine shops in Little Tokyo...relaxing stuff

39. would you ever consider dying your hair brown? I will never have brown hair

40. what would you say make you, YOU? Angst, stubborness, passion and creativity

41. what do you want to do after modeling? Im doing it now. I want to design, inspire, and write about fashion.

42. What was your school life like in High School?! Horrible, I was bad and hated everyone.. I got expelled in 11th grade

43. when were you first star struck, if ever? Kirste Dunst drunk with no makeup on in a stained t-shirt at Urban Outfitter at 11am

44. Do you ever feel like you HAVE to dress up cute everyday/hair/makeup ect. just to keep up your "public image" that people always see you as in your photos and such? A lot of times I just throw lipstick, a big hat and sunglasses on.

45. Any tips for keeping your face silky smooth/get rid of blemishes? Lush sea salt face srub

46. Do you have any tattoos? And if not would you ever get one? No tattoos... everyone has one. I don't want one...but I do like the idea of a tiny hand sketched pretzel on my wrist.

47. Where do you get your feather head pieces? I make them

48. What salon to go to now? do you u still got to Hairroin? No there a bunch of shit.. Freelance stylists and friends do my hair.

49. Would you ever do one of those reality love shows like Daisy of Love or Flavor of Love? I have gotten calls and meetings about them...and I would rather chew on glass.

50. What are you favourite/must have makeup items? Exact brand & shade too please. MAC Snob lipstick and TooFaced liquid liner

Stay tuned more to come... ♥


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