Audrey Kitching: 50 Facts About Me Asked By You /PART II.

12. února 2010 v 22:52 | Dollieee™ |  Facts

51. what is your middle name? Lynn

52. What do you miss the most about your hometown besides family and friends? Resturants and Vintage stores

53. Do you or did you ever consider yourself a "scene queen"? I am the furthest thing from "scene" you can even imagine.

54. Do you like Quentin Tarantino? I think he is a genius & yes i remember you!

55. If you were a drag queen, what would your stage name be? Lady Bug

56. do you see your family much? If not, how come? As much as I can, maybe every 7 weeks?

57. how long did it take to get the nail design you are wearing now? About three hours

58. Being a hairdresser, what's the most 'healthy' way to go blonde from black? Color washes, and taking it up a level at a time, rather then overnight

59. who do you most look up to in your life? I don't look up to anyone. I am more focused on what I can do to improve myself

60. Are you natural blond when you don't have pink hair? Strawberry blond

61. I want to know how you got over being shy years ago, as you have so much confidence now! I didn't really have a choice. When your put in some situations you over come them, or they over come you. Bach flower remedies help a lot too.

62. Do you paint on the 2 black dots on your cheek everyday or are they permanent makeup? The beauty marks on my face are real there brown and i just color them black. Water color liquid liner

63. Is there anyone you're obsessed with?and why? Bubble baths. Its the only thing that can relax me. I won't stay in a hotel or house unless it has one.

64. Did your parents divorce ? Nope they are still together

65. Where are your favorite places to shop in Philly? Retrospect

66. before you used to be a punk-rebel girl and now your this vintage-barbie.. where do you get all your creative inspirations from? Life, the things you go through make you. I had a really hard time in my teen years hence the punk rebel stages. I am a lot more content now and can appreciate things more on another level.

67. if you could stop being a vegan for a day-- whould you starve yourself or just eat meat? Starve. I have not had meat since i was about 13

68. If ever your getting married-- would you wear a classic white dress or some other color? I am probably the only girl who does not think about her wedding. I have no idea

69. has your fashion sensed changed since you were in highschool? total 360

70. what is your must have lipstick that you always grab? A pale pink by MAC

71. how old were you when you got your 1st kiss? I think 4th grade and the janitor saw us and we got in trouble

72. have you ever been into "friends with benefits" stuff? Nope, im really wierd about that stuff. I never really hook up with anyone I would not want to date long term.

73. Have you ever kissed a girl? A peck on the lips but I have never full on made out with a girl

74. do some of your fans ever annoy you, and if so, how? No not fans, smart ass people do though.

75. Do you ever miss your natural hair color? nah. I miss normal colored hair maybe once every 4 months

76. What compelled you to first dye your hair? I thought i was ugly and wanted to change how i looked

77. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? working in the fashion industry and traveling the world

78. Why do you think so many young girls look up to you? (i'm one of them) Maybe because I am real. I make mistakes, I have been through a lot and work for everything I have. I think it gives girls the push they need to follow there dreams. I am not the hollywood girl born into money and fame. I am the Philly girl who is just like you.

79. Do you sometimes wish that you weren't 'famous' and just a normal person, not on tv, magazines, internet..ect..? I mean I walk around in crazy clothing with no makeup on all the time and photos don't end up everywhere so I think im border line regular person :)

80. have you ever done any photography on your own? Im learning it now, im really into it at the moment

81. What do you feel you need to do before you die? travel

82. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 10 minutes if im not working, If I am about 30 -45

83. You have brothers or sisters? three older brothers

84. i have had this cold for 2 weeks! what is your best cold remedy/best way to prevent them? i figure you would have the best natural way. I take immunity shots every morning. It has colloidal silver, oregano oil, ginger and grapefruit oil in it.

85. Do you have any mottos or mantras? You create your own reality

86. Do you like The Veronicas? Not a fan of there music but they have great style

87. if you had the chance to change something in your life or maybe have done it differently, what would it be? (about your life, friends, career, etc.) I think I trusted the wrong people to be real. When I lived in Philly I became friends with a lot of people who lived in California. I trusted that they were genuine because its all I was use too.Where I come from you treat people a certain way and your scared to leave your house. In California it seemed like it was part of the daily routine. But it made me who I am so i wouldn't change it.

88. how do you deal with dramas? whether they're friend or boy related? I say every single thing on my mind to the person, then I move on and let them decide how to deal with it

89. do you believe we're gonna die in 2012? Nah, but I do think if people don't wake the fuck up were going to be in some serious trouble. Most of the popualtion is brain washed by the gov. and the media and that will be our demise, not a year.

90. Are you suffering from Coeliac (sensitivity to wheat/gluten) or do you just choose to eat wheat/gluten free foods because it's better for you? Ever since the Gardasil shot I get sick when I eat certain foods and wheat and gluten are two of them.

91. Did you take out your septum? Yes I took everything out when I got super sick. I was in and out of dr offices almost every day. I kept it secret for months.. im not sure even how I managed that. I thought I was going to die so what do you really say?

92. what is your opinion on tattoos? I think if there done right they can be beautiful, but theres a lot of crappy tattoos out there

93. I was wondering where you go for your "all natural fresh juices"? Real Raw Live!

94. What do you think about Alexa Chung? She is wonderful

95. how old were you when you first had sex? 18

96. What do you write as your occupation on documents? Designer or artist

97. What is your secret to staying so fit? Lots of exercise and fresh organic food, and yoga on demand for when I am too exhausted to leave the house shhh

98. id love any advice on maintaining a slimmer body figure! I don't eat any frozen or processed food. NO fast food. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits, no sugar and dairy!

99. What was your first job? Petco

100. Blemish secrets? I use Burts Bees roll on herbal stick for blemishes... it works pretty good and smells like tee trea oil


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