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11. května 2010 v 18:40 | Dolliee™ |  Facts

Journalist, style icon, model, a goddess on Earth! The social media Queen with millions of hits/click throughs a month just for her..

This style icon, fashion blogger, designer,make-up artist, model is inspired by everything that sparkles and will feed her addiction of browsing through magazines till she drops dead! Give it up for the original scene Queen, who initially gained her fame through the internet with all those hundrends of thousands of friends and oh so many views! Her loyal online fan base does not only include mere mortals like us, who cannot but admire her authentic style and glare at her super-amazing photographs, but there are some A-list celebrities in it too! Audrey is a 24-year old girl from Philly, who manages to have herself clicked-hitted-tweeteds milions a month, while posing for the press (online or not) always provoking with that eccentric style of hers. Wanted by photographers, though she says noone could ever buy her love, she won't hesitate to offer some of that love to all those uncountable products she advertises, to causes and organisations she vitally represents and finally to people she actually admires. For instance, she is currently chosen to design a shirt for designers against AIDS.

Pink-haired miss Audrey is another LA resident whose typical 24 hour-routine might take her to the occasional red carpet situation where she would be interviewing super hot celebs including Robert Downey Jr, Lady GAGA,Kim Kardashian as her latest accomplishments ,or maybe to a guest appearance in a concert,a fashion show or an event. All that in between her endless tweeting,blogging and video creating that made her one of the top 10 most beautiful people on Twitter.

She is a Leo,and according to her,that makes her a leader not a follower! Nobody can tell her what to do (let alone what to wear).The millenial generation cannot miss one word of her online journal, and many of the stars out there[musicians or actors] have been styled up by Audrey herself. Every now and then she is confronted with the cliche question of how to became  famous and asks for instructions exactly for that. Her disarming answer is just that "If you have to ask, then you are not cut out for it, hard work and passion"

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1 YULI YULI | Web | 11. května 2010 v 21:45 | Reagovat

ten druhy obrazok :D strasny...

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