Coco De Coeur V.

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Coco De Coeur lV.

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Coco De Coeur lll.

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Audrey´s Top 10 Ways To Relax

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Nothing feels as good as being stress free and able to relax. Whether its that time of the month, a stressful week at work or just treating yourself, everyone needs to have set aside time to unwind. These are some of my favorite things to do after a long day..

1. Light tons of candles and incense throughout the house and leave the windows open..The mixture between the fresh air and natural aromas can be intoxicating.

2. Fill a bubble bath with lavender or eucalyptus oil. If you want to get really fancy add tea bags or epsom salts...this is the ultimate mental getaway.

3. Cover your bed in blankets and pillows, make sure you have pure silence and just breathe. If your into it meditate, it can cure almost any stress and worry within 15 minutes.

4. Order take out and watch your favorite guilty pleasure movies in your pajamas.

5. Make a natural facemask out of honey, bananas and oatmeal...so good you will want to eat it.

6. Bach Flower Rescure remedy is my life saver. Anytime I am worried, scared, or stressed I take a few drops and almost instantly feel better.

7. Read a book outside or walk barefoot in the grass. Something about the earth makes us at peace. They say if your sad or stressed and you hug a tree you will become grounded again.

8. Make a pot of herbal tea. Some of my favorites are lavender and chamomile and ginger... perfect for soothing nerves.

9. Take a yoga class or buy an instructional DVD. Whenever I can't make it to the studio I do it from home. Only 12 Minutes of yoga a day can transform your life. I watched a documentry about it called Enlighten up. I must say since I started doing yoga I am way less cranky and sore on a daily basis.

10. Last but not least have a variety of fresh flowers and plants in your home. Flowers always make me feel better, i guess thats why they are given to you when your sick. The best natural air filter there is is a good hearty plant. Indoor plants filter out toxins in your home which can even help improve your health!

These are a few of my tips for those bad days or stressful nights. I hope this finds someone out there who is in need of relaxing. What are a few of your favorite things to destress?

Audrey Kicthing with blond hair

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Coco De Coeur ll.

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Shop the collection at www.cocodecouer.com

Audrey Kitching makeup tutorial by M.A.C part2

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Audrey Kitching makeup tutorial by M.A.C part1

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Audrey Kitching & Hanna Beth- Disneyland Adventure

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také staré video, ešte keď boli kamrádky :]  

Audrey Kitching for Lisptick Prophets Models

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Coco De Coeur

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Clothing Line by Audrey Kitching , You can Buy it HERE.


Audrey Kitching- Soul Magazine Scan

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Audery Kitching- A tour of House

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Audrey Kitching Answers Your Questions

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How Audrey Kitching changed over the years

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Celkom dobré video. Akurát že neskôr sú tam tie fotky celkom domotané a nie su tam súčasné, ale veď hádam všetci vieme ako audrey vyzerá. A aj ked ju nemáte radi, nemôžme jej uprieť že mala (má) najlepšie scene hair. 

Audrey Kitching Cliche Magazine Scan

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Audrey Kitching: 50 Facts About Me Asked By You /PART II.

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51. what is your middle name? Lynn

52. What do you miss the most about your hometown besides family and friends? Resturants and Vintage stores

53. Do you or did you ever consider yourself a "scene queen"? I am the furthest thing from "scene" you can even imagine.

54. Do you like Quentin Tarantino? I think he is a genius & yes i remember you!

55. If you were a drag queen, what would your stage name be? Lady Bug

56. do you see your family much? If not, how come? As much as I can, maybe every 7 weeks?

57. how long did it take to get the nail design you are wearing now? About three hours

58. Being a hairdresser, what's the most 'healthy' way to go blonde from black? Color washes, and taking it up a level at a time, rather then overnight

59. who do you most look up to in your life? I don't look up to anyone. I am more focused on what I can do to improve myself

60. Are you natural blond when you don't have pink hair? Strawberry blond

61. I want to know how you got over being shy years ago, as you have so much confidence now! I didn't really have a choice. When your put in some situations you over come them, or they over come you. Bach flower remedies help a lot too.

Audrey Kitching: 50 Facts About Me Asked By You /PART I.

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An interview by you. A few weeks ago you guys askd me over 300 questions. This is part one...part two coming soon.

1. Where do u get those short little gloves that you where? Im actually going to be selling the ones I wear in my new webstore going up in January, mine are shiped from over seas.

2. Most underrated shops: New York, LA, and Philly? NY-Patricia Fields/ Girl Props LA-Popkiller/SLOW Philly-Retrospect

3. You probably think this is dumb, but how do you get your hair so volumized and still look so tidy? The secret of extensions.. :)

4. How did you make it to where you are today? A lot of hard work, you guys and undying passion for what I do

5. When did you first dyed your hair? I think in 5th grade i discovered " SUN IN" worst idea ever... 90s bleach in a sun bottle. Orange fried hair never looked so good.

6. what products do you use to keep your hair looking so healthy? :) I like Aveda and this green tea leave in oil from Japan

7. why are you not living stable in Philly? why did you choose L.A.? For what I am doing Los Angeles and New York are where I need to Live. Los Angeles is not forever...I plan to move over seas and to New York at some point.

8. I look at pictures and have seen how your style has evolved over the past few years, but how did it start? Well I use to wear purple leopard crushed velvet jumpsuits at the age of 13...i guess its just who I am

9. where are the most places you shop for clothes? Vintage stores, online and DIY

10. Whats your favorite band? I don't have one, I am a soundtrack song person.

The Audery Kitching Show

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